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Deep Obsession Charters

Did you hear our news? The M/V Deep Obsession is now the Pirate's Obsession!

Same great boat with a whole new look. Now running daily SCUBA trips.

Coral Reef Drift Diving

Most Popular Dive • $90 per person

A fantastic two tank charter!  The West Palm area is known for its spectacular drift diving.  We’ll take you to the dive sites in our very comfortable 40′ vessel, and guide you as the current takes you over incredible coral reefs that are teaming with marine life.

Sunken Wreck Dives

Explore our Local Wrecks • $90 per person

With over a dozen wrecks submerged just offshore, there’s lots to explore and plenty to see!  … and don’t be surprised if you encounter Sharks and Goliath Groupers!

"Just finished my fourth year in a row diving with Deep O for Memorial Day weekend, and planning on going again next year. You won't find a better charter in the area."

- Tripadvisor Review

"Went diving with the June 25 & 26 awesome time. Wonderful crew and excellent boat, they love what they do and it shows... probably the best charter I have had in the states!"

- Tripadvisor Review

"The baited shark dives are truly amazing and is something you MUST experience if you are passionate about sharks! "

- Tripadvisor Review

Deep Obsession Charters

You may be familiar with the Deep Obsession name. The vessel, once owned by Jim Abernethy, has hosted thousands of divers over the years. 

Many of those divers were aboard to dive with and learn about sharks from Jim and his crew. 

While the new owners are no longer offering baited shark dives, they are more than happy to take you diving to see the miles of beautiful coral reefs and numerous sunken wrecks located just off our shores. 

The ocean currents here provide for wonderful, leisurely drift diving experiences. Customer service and safety are always our highest priorities and our crew will take excellent care of you. 

Our knowledgeable and passionate dive guides will be happy to navigate the dive sites for you and our very experienced captain will follow along and be there at the end of your dive to pick you up. 

Oh, and don’t be surprised if you get to see some sharks along the way.  😀